Guess where is our fav bay close by?

This is our favourite spot. We always visit here when we visit the island. It’s calm and peaceful off-season. Vibrant in summer. We always like it here in different ways.

Sunset, Gozo
Beautiful sunset

There is something special about this small bay in the southwestern part of tiny Gozo. It’s either the surrounding cliffs protecting the bay. Or it could be the valley and the caves. Or the spectacular sunset enflaming the clear autumn sky.  Even the calmness and relaxation of canoers exploring the bay. The good food. The seafood.

Our little one loves it too here. He loves playing with the different pebbles while mum and dad are watching him from close by having a cold drink. He likes it in late spring when the sun is shining and he sneakily dips in the sea. He likes it when other children are doing the same. He likes the food here too. Maybe the magic ingredient is the scent of the sea itself. 

Xlendi Bay – we truly love visiting you every time we visit Gozo.

Xlendi Bay, Gozo
Pebbles, Xlendi, Gozo, Travel
Playing with pebbles, Xlendi Bay

(For our foreign friends, Gozo is one of the islands making up the Maltese Archipelago. It is smaller in size than the main island Malta. It is less densely populated than Malta. It is rich in natural beauty – lots of beaches to enjoy in summer and very interesting for hikers/country lovers (in cooler months). Gozo can be reached by a 20-mins ferry from the north of Malta. There is no airport in Gozo.

Xlendi Bay is not particularly a sandy beach. Similar beaches like Xlendi or even rockier ones around Malta’s coastline have a particular charm which you will not find in sandy beaches. If you’re interested in sandy beaches, there are a few pretty ones around Malta and Gozo. The majority of the sandy beaches in Malta are in the north – the most famous ones are L-Ghadira Bay, Golden Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha (Riviera Martinique) and Paradise Bay. There are more beautiful sandy beaches in Gozo – the most famous being Ramla l-Hamra (literally Red Sand), Qbajjar Bay and San Blas Bay. A very renouned bay is Blue Lagoon bay in Comino Island.

If you’re going to the beach with a toddler, check this out.)

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