Travel, kids, little, family, now is the time,

Travel, travel … now and not later!

Something happened today that woke me up again. I was at this local restaurant with my son having a light lunch. The other customers – most of them over the age of 60 – were finding it really cute seeing my 2 year old son eating the soup, putting croutons and managing it all by himself. The table next to ours – a couple in their late 40s – were also smiling at him. The lady looked at me and with regret in her eyes, she told me “Enjoy these moments whilst they’re still so young. Because when they grow up, they change”. The man accompanying her re-affirmed what she told me. And added “Till they’re 12 years of age! Afterwards, they’re different”. I looked at my son. He was happy eating the soup. His face was clearly showing it. I smiled 🙂

Travel, kids, little, family, now is the time,
Enjoy travelling when they are little

The first hand experience of this couple got me thinking again. A lot of young couples wait for their children to grow up until they start travelling because of many reasons or excuses. The most obvious ones being … “You can’t have fun with a small kid”, “It’s too much work and too much packing to travel with a toddler”, “Where can you go with a small kid?” The reality is this … They grow up and change as this couple warned me today. Maybe this is not the case for everyone. And I really hope not. But do you really want to run that risk?

Don’t keep on postponing. Just do it now. The more you travel as a family together now when they’re little the more you’ll get to enjoy travelling as a family when the kids start growing up too.

Happy travels! And if you’re dreading the flight, check out our tips on how to survive a flight with a toddler.

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