Wondering 🤔 what travel will look like with kids

As we are in the middle of this pandemic I can’t stop but dream about all the beautiful places in the world that I wish to visit. And I cannot not reflect and think about when my family will be able to make the next trip and above all when we are going to feel comfortable and safe to do it as a family.

Will we still have to keep social distancing and wear masks wherever we go? If this will be the new reality, how is this going to impact the experience travel gives us in terms of mingling with locals and living like a local while we are in a different country? How aback are we going to be taken when a friendly local comes to tap on our children’s head – thinking about Vietnamese people here for example who love children so much that wherever we walked our son was so admired.

We travel for the experience and not just for a change in environment. We want to feel the culture, integrate and above all live ‘their’ life for a few days and experience what it feels like to be a Spaniard, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mexican, Thai….

So the question is not when we are going to be able to travel but when are we going to feel comfortable to travel with our children to get the experience we yearn for.

A friendly local Vietnamese lady asking us to go on her boat. Now we say – Social distancing??

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