Bye bye 2018!

It’s that time of the year when you are excited about the festive season to spend some quality time with your family. After spending an intimate Christmas it’s now time to get excited and do something different and prepare for part 2 of the holidays – spending the beginning of the New Year 2019 in Zakopane, Poland.

A couple of days before we fly we started preparing the luggage. This was a nightmare as trying to fit in skiing clothes for 3 people in one checked-in luggage is a challenge. Skiing clothes, skiing shoes, scarfs and hats take a lot of luggage space. We do prefer to travel light but when we are traveling to freezing cold places like Zakopane you need to strike a balance between not carrying too much and at the same time ensure that you take enough layers of clothing to keep yourselves warm to prevent from getting sick.

The packing itself and seeing what to take (and not) made our two year old very excited about the trip. He already knows that he has to put on a lot of clothes during the holiday because “in the snow it feels very cold!” So he tried his skiing outfit for a couple of times already and that includes the full set with the hat, gloves and the skiing boots! Oh he’s sooo excited and has made us get excited too! We also packed 2 carrots we bought from the green grocer to take with us for Mr snowman :).

Let’s get ready for a snowy start for 2019!!

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