The KidNavigator

When this great idea to create a blog about fun activities with kids with a focus on travelling came to mind, we realised how much we miss travelling and adventure ourselves. Sharing experiences as parents is important so that we can brighten our days with ideas and excitement – not just for our kids but also for us, the parents! Remember, happy parents raise happy kids. And why do we, as parents, have to give up our passion towards adventure, travel, nature, (getting a bit mad at times), when we’re raising kids? It is not healthy for you to become boring. You have to keep discovering the beauties of our world (maybe not every corner of the world as you were hoping for when you were still 18), but in a different way.


Now you are travelling with young creatures who are completely dependent on you and who’s got their tastes and their dictatorial needs. That doesn’t sound like kids are the best travel companions, aren’t they? But they are who they are, and you have no choice but to make it work, or else you have another option. You can stay at home wondering where you want to visit when your kids are 10+.

We have decided to make adventure and traveling part of our lives. We know that sometimes we are going to get that feeling “oh, we’d rather stayed home … that wasn’t worth it!”, but we strongly believe by a mile, that we are not going to have any regrets. We are going to enjoy it and our son is going to love it.

In our blog we will be sharing fun activities that young families can do with their kids. We will be putting pen to paper the experiences that a kid goes through navigating the world. The obvious to us is new to them… The first time they ride a train, smell the flowers, spot a real lion, taste new flavours,  see an airplane flying over their head… it’s all very new to them (and some things might also be for us). Yet the way we present the world to them, can shape the lives of our beautiful kids.

We hope that you will find our stories interesting enough to encourage you to be adventurous with your kids and explore the world. It doesn’t always have to be far from home. Round the corner may be a really exciting place for a family adventure.

We are also sure that by interacting with you, we will learn lots and lots about travelling with kids.

Bring on the good times and memories!

Happy reading ….

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